Adhesive Bonding

Binding different materials together, distributing stress more efficiently along a joint, increased design flexibility and cost effectiveness are just a few of the advantages of using this technology.   This type of joining method has become increasingly important in medical device industry.


Jenitek Precision Device is ISO13485 certified and can provide contract manufacturing services for a wide range of medical devices and assemblies. By following IQ/OQ/PQ procedures to ensure that the process and equipment are correctly installed, Jenitek Precision Device can continue to produce high quality products that meet specifications every time. […]

Coil Windings

Coil assemblies can be manufactured with a wide range of wires with or without bobbins and cores. These types of assemblies have various applications including antennas, toroids, transformers and sensors. Jenitek Precision Device specializes in developing and manufacturing coil assemblies for medical devices.

Laser Marking

Laser marking is a method which utilizes laser light to mark (ablate, melt, vaporize, or remove) materials quickly and efficiently. This fast and clean technology is rapidly replacing older marking methods. Part marking is rapidly spreading in the medical device industry as an effective way for tracking and traceability purposes. […]

Laser Welding

This welding technique can join multiple materials through the use of a laser beam. Jenitek Precision Device’s in-house welding technologies are able to not only weld exotic grade metals but also many types of dissimilar materials. This technology has been offered as a validated process for medical devices.

Micro Molding and Resin Casting

With world class processes and advanced technologies, Jenitek Precision Device can provide custom plastic micro-molding and resin casting. A variety of materials can be used to facilitate insert overmolding while working within the tightest tolerances.

Micro Resistance Welding

Resistance welding is one of many joining processes used to address micro-precision joining of ultra-small electro-mechanical assemblies. The most common application for resistance welding is wire connections. Resistance welding is a reliable, economical and practical option for joining small parts. Due to its lack of consumables and minimal electricity requirements, […]

Precision Surface Grinding

Surface grinding is a finishing process mostly used on ceramic, glass and metal materials. With precision surface grinding the thickness, parallelism and flatness are well controlled.

Ultrasonic Welding

This technology is used to join or degate plastic parts, cut and seal films and fabrics, insert metal fasteners in thermoplastic materials, and form plastic rivets. Jenitek Precision Device’s ultrasonic welders are capable of manufacturing a variety of medical devices and assemblies.