Adhesive Bonding

Adhesive BondingBinding different materials together, distributing stress more efficiently along a joint, increased design flexibility and cost effectiveness are just a few of the advantages of using this technology.   This type of joining method has become increasingly important in medical device industry.

Alnico Magnets

Magnetic material and assemblies ‐Alnico magnetsAluminum, Nickel, Cobalt (referred to as Alnico) is manufactured by traditional foundry casting or sintering techniques developed in the 1930’s. This kind of material offers the best temperature coefficient (0.02% per degree centigrade) of all permanent magnets making it an ideal choice when a constant field over a wide temperature range  (‐270°C to +500°C) is required.

The high nickel content results in good stability against corrosion and oxidation. However, Alnico magnets are a low coercive force material and most times should be magnetized after assembly. The performance can be affected by mishandling or exposure in other magnetic fields.

Detailed product specifications are available upon request.

Aluminum and Zinc Die Castings

Aluminum and Zinc die castingsDie casting is a process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. Aluminum die castings are available in alloys including 380 & ADC12. Zinc die castings are available in Zamak #3, #5 & #7. ANA International, Inc. provides custom manufacturing services for precision metal die castings.

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AssembliesJenitek Precision Device is ISO13485 certified and can provide contract manufacturing services for a wide range of medical devices and assemblies. By following IQ/OQ/PQ procedures to ensure that the process and equipment are correctly installed, Jenitek Precision Device can continue to produce high quality products that meet specifications every time. With strong quality control and advanced capabilities, we are able to deliver a variety of solutions for your requirements.

Bonded Ferrite Magnets

Magnetic material and assemblies ‐Bonded Ferrite magnetsBonded ferrite magnets are a composite material of ferrite magnetic powder and compound rubber or plastic. The products are available in both anisotropic & isotropic grades.

Detailed product specifications are available upon request.

Bonded NdFeB Magnets

Magnetic material and assemblies ‐Bonded NdFeBBonded Neodymium magnets are produced using compression molding techniques that can be quickly machined into complex shapes. The material is made in an isotropic process and the performance can reach up to 12 MGOe. It has a maximum operating temperature of 120°C but a rather poor temperature coefficient. The Curie temperature is 340°C. Its isotropic characteristic allows magnetization in any direction.

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Carbon Brush and Assemblies

Carbon brush and assembliesA carbon brush is a sliding contact used to transmit electrical current from a static to a rotating part, in a motor or generator, and as regards DC machines, ensure a spark‐free commutation. Carbon brushes are maintained by brush‐holders to be in permanent contact with the slip ring assembly or with the commutator.

The right carbon brush is important for commutator wear, maximum brush life, and outstanding motor performance. ANA supplies all kinds of brushes and brush assemblies to ensure the correct brush is available to meet the requirements of your particular application.

The detailed product specifications are available upon request.

Coil Windings

Coil Windings 1Coil assemblies can be manufactured with a wide range of wires with or without bobbins and cores. These types of assemblies have various applications including antennas, toroids, transformers and sensors. Jenitek Precision Device specializes in developing and manufacturing coil assemblies for medical devices.


CommutatorsA commutator is the moving part of a rotary electrical switch in certain types of electric motors or electrical generators that periodically reverses the current direction between the rotor and the external circuit. As a switch, it has an exceptionally long life considering the number of circuit makes/breaks that occur in normal operation.

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Electric Motor Shafts

Electric motor shaftsANA International supplies a variety of shafts and assemblies . We have the advanced process and finest manufacturing and testing equipment. Along with the ISO9001/TS16949 quality systems, we are able to meet the requirements from most of the industries such as Aerospace, Medical, Commercial, Generator, Machine tool, Motor and Pump etc.

The detailed product specifications are available upon request.