Electric Motors

As a contract manufacturer of electric motors, Jenitek Engineering’s experienced engineers build motors based on customer’s specific designs. Because of a strong supply base for raw materials and components, plus a certified quality system and advanced equipment, Jenitek Engineering is able to deliver a high quality motor at a competitive […]

Electrical and Mechanical System

Jenitek Engineering has the integrated core competencies to design and deliver an engineered product with guaranteed quality and cost efficiency. Jenitek Engineering can produce or purchase the components, integrate them into the sub‐assemblies or systems and perform functional tests. These products are then quality certified and shipped to the customers. […]

Linear Motion Control System

Jenitek Engineering designs and manufactures its own brand of linear actuators and systems. Lifting capacity ranges from 500LBs to 4,000LBs. Jenitek’s design engineers are able to review a customer’s requirement for a linear control system and submit a proposed design immediately. Once approved by the customer, the manufacturing team will […]

Precision Machining

Jenitek Engineering’s machine shop is able to build or repair tools, construct fixtures and produce precision metal parts. Other capabilities include stamping, lathing, OD grinding and CNC machining.

Rotor Windings

Jenitek Engineering has advanced equipment and processes to manufacture high quality rotors. In-house designed winding tools and fixtures meet requirement from small projects up to mass production. A few examples of production capabilities include lamination stacking, coil winding, balancing, varnishing and electrical testing. The manufactured rotors and suitable for most […]

Stator Windings

Jenitek Engineering has the technical expertise to develop and manufacture stator windings. In-house designed winding tools and fixtures meet requirements from small projects up to mass production. Capabilities include lamination bonding and welding, coil winding, soldering, joining and brazing, varnishing, machining and electrical testing. The manufactured stators are suitable for […]